Unnamed WoW smut part 1

Excuse my horribad writing, but due to a certain someone (you know who you are, you massive pervert) here we have parto uno of a multiple episode smut fanfic between Vol’Jin and Lor’Themar.

Part One

Vol’jin donned his cloak and drew the hood over his face. He left the council early; the day’s business had been concluded. The dry, heavy night of Ogrimmar mingled with the sounds and scents of people feasting on the banquet. He slipped away unnoticed.

The path he took was obscured within the Valley of Spirits. Though it was a steep decline, it was only a short trip to the entrance he sought.

Soft footfalls followed his shadow, and a sly smile pulled at his mouth. Deft hands procured a key from his cloak, and he silently entered, leaving the door open but a crack.

Obscuring his position, he stood in wait.

A few moments later, a slender figure slipped through into the darkness, shutting the door tightly.

Vol’jin moved quickly. He drew his knife, stepped behind the follower, and pressed it against the intruder’s throat.

"Undress." he said curtly.

Features obscured by the absolute darkness, the figure silently obeyed.

Slowly, hands pulled the hood from his head, revealing eyes the emitted a soft glow.

A male face stared intently ahead, as he undid the elaborate clasp holding together the heavy fabric of the mantle. With trembling hands, he clenched the fabric tightly.

The knife pressed more urgently.

"Drop it."

unwillingly, he let go.

The knife eased, followed by Vol’jin’s smooth hand following the curve of the now-exposed neck.

"Good boy." he whispered hoarsely.

The man took a ragged breath and opened his mouth, only to be silenced by a finger pressing on his lips.

"Don’t talk. Continue."

The curved blade didn’t move, keeping the man upright in his position.

The trembling hand moved from his hands to the entirely of his arms. Inelegantly, the hands found the leather straps holding his simple shirt together. With a simple pull it fell away to a heap of fabric on the ground.

A simple clasp held soft suede breeches spanned across slender, toned hips.

Fumbling, it was undone. it slid down effortlessly, exposing the man completely.

Almost purring, Vol’Jin removed the knife and traced the spine. Gooseflesh spread from his fingers to every visible patch of skin like wildfire, and the stranger took another ragged breath.

He stepped back, placing the knife on a table he knew was there, before proceeding to light a few sparse candles dotted about the space.

The man was sweating profusely, but did not move. instead he watched every move tensely and expectantly.

The light revealed a small but simple chamber.

From the high ceiling, two heavy chains dropped down from study anchors. Likewise, the floor had similar anchoring with two identical chains just below them.

In front of this display was a simple but comfortable looking rug with several pillows, next to a small knee-high table adorned with several curiosities.

Vol’jin beckoned the man. He took a step forward, the flickering light of the candles illuminating a deep vertical scar over a seemingly sightless eye. Despite this imperfection, the eye still glowed brightly.

Slowly, he walked to the centre of the room, standing under the hanging chains, avoiding the piercing gaze Vol’jin observed him with.

The large, bluish hands traced the toned male’s face, pulling back the long, messy blonde hair.

Breathing rapidly increased.

"Lor’themar." Jin whispered.

"Don’t be afraid…"

To be continued